Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Products I Enjoy #1 - Shampoo

So I always thought it would be fun to write about some of the great products I use on a daily basis. Think of these posts as my little contribution to the consumers of the world -- I feel I owe it to them since I don't really do the whole coupon/special deal/diaper giveaway thing. I will just write about things I love that haven't failed to meet my expectations (don't hold your breath, Kia Minivans...)

If you know me, you may be expecting a lot of entries about food. Touché. But this first item I'd like to feature isn't food. It's shampoo. But not just any shampoo...

If you look closely, you'll see that this is "special" shampoo. The product marketers over at Paul Mitchell probably worked long and hard at coming up with a name for this thing, and ended up going with the filler text the designer slapped in that space. Been there, done that.

At any rate, this shampoo really is "special." According to the lady that cut my hair back in November, this is the only kind of shampoo I should be using. "And you only need to use a little tiny bit each time, so it will last forever."

Yeah, whatever, I've been turning down upsell hair products at the "beauty shop" (as my mom called it) since I was 13. And yes, going to the "beauty shop" (i.e. Great Clips) at 13 is pretty much the lowest of low. You get to see your acne lit up in the mirror while you stare at yourself for a good 20 minutes. Nice.

Anyway, I fell for the sales pitch and decided to go for the Tea Tree Special. She was right! It has lasted 7 months so far, my hair feels great after a shower, and it does a nice little number on the dry scalp. But best of all? When I take a shower it feels like I'm bathing my head in melted York Peppermint Patties. Mmmm.

Maybe all these posts will be about food, after all.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After a nearly 3 year hiatus, I am back in the blog world. Blog-o-sphere. Whatever.

I have to say, I missed it. Not that I was ever a great blogger. I'm averaging about a half a post a year for the time I've been alive. But then again, I couldn't really blog back in the 80's, unless there was something the Speak & Spell could do that I'm not aware of.

At any rate, I have some exciting things coming up in the next few months. Well, August, really. The new book (The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero) launches that month, and the new baby (number 5)"joins our family" in August, too.

I wanted to start blogging to both build awareness of said upcoming book and have an excuse when said baby is crying uncontrollably. "I have to finish this blog post and send it in to [insert fake publishing company name] and hope they syndicate it, otherwise I would love to change that diaper."

That said, this blog won't just be about the book or babies. In fact, it won't really be about the book at all. For stuff about the book, the best place to get that is in the book. I encourage you to get it and read it. For stuff about babies, well, I don't know where to get that...maybe just every other blog on the Internet.

This blog is a hodgepodge of Matt Peterson rantings. A veritable smorgasbord of [insert disparaging and/or zany noun here]. Ranting is what I could have done for a living if I had chosen journalism instead of English Lit as a major. But alas, I will be doing this only for fun.

So feel free to comment, share on Facebook, Tweet your little heart out, and whatever else blog people do. I'm already having fun, and hope you are too.