Monday, June 4, 2012

Going Somewhere...

I love flying. Airports. Parking shuttles. Overpriced breakfast. All of it. I love flying.

Maybe it's because I was raised on an Air Force base, but few other things get me as excited as flying. But really, flying isn't something that should be so much fun. Other than a free cup of soda, there really aren't a ton of redeeming qualities of flying. Here's a list of reasons why flying shouldn't be one of my favorite things.
  • Security. No matter how many times you fly, there's no stress-free way to get through security (unless you're one of those hipsters who travels with just an iPad). For the rest of us, our minds are racing a million miles an hour. Laptop in this container. Shoes in this one. I think I have a hole in my sock. Toothpaste in a small plastic bag. Belt in another container. If I bend over there will be issues.  Does deodorant count as a liquid? Do my feet have to be exactly on those little footprints? Stress.   
  • Long waits. Ugh. These aren't fun at all. There are only so many hours one can sit in a vinyl chair before madness sets in. And if the wait is on the actual plane, we all go mad together. 
  • Cramped Quarters. I'd rather crouch behind the plate during a baseball game for 5 hours than sit in the middle seat on a coast to coast flight. Knees locked. Shoulders sore from clinching together. Neck cramp from trying to read the article about Princess Kate in the People magazine belonging to the woman in the aisle seat.
  • In-Flight "Entertainment." Remember that movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs? Exactly. I wouldn't remember it either, except it was showing on an international flight I was on once. Maybe they could take some of the extra bag fees they gouge us with and purchase an "A" list movie from Amazon.  
So why is flying one of my favorite things? It's the fact that I'm going somewhere. Boston. Salt Lake City. San Diego. Home. I'm going somewhere, and I just happen to get to ride in a big metal cylinder 30,000 feet above the ground. There's excitement and anticipation and hope. That's what I love about flying.

And life isn't really any different. There are a lot of unpleasant things about life. Sickness. Disappointment. Heartache. The MVD. But when it comes down to it, life can still be enjoyable if we're going somewhere. Where are we going? It doesn't matter. A Little League game. Summer vacation. A dream career. A happy marriage. Heaven.

The point is, we are all going somewhere. There should be excitement and anticipation and hope. And when we remember that, we can deal with the other stuff. There may be delays, layovers, or even cancelled flights. But we'll get there. We will.

So where are you going? I hope you enjoy the flight.

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